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Workshops for Corporate and Work Groups 

Facilitated expressive art processes ranging from expressive line drawing to using prompts such as poems, myths, songs, guided visualisation, mind maps and life cycles in order to provoke a creative response.




  • Foster team building and  strong mental resilience

  • Encourage new ways of seeing

  • Self awareness and the ability to be reflective

  • Reduce overwhelm and stress

  • Promote goal setting, creativity and problem solving  

  • Access transpersonal resources 


I look forward to working with your team to share the benefits of art therapy through art expression workshops. The creative processes and visualisation meditations allow participants access and support to their unconscious thoughts to help them understand themselves by way of seeing though a new lens.  TAT also helps people to access alternative healing resources and coping strategies.

I can also offer one-on-one art therapy to your staff and clients. 

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