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Your Transpersonal Creative Therapy sessions (Art Therapy) will be tailored to you and may include and is not limited to:


  • Connecting life issues through poem, mythology, symbols and visualisation meditation.


  • Discovering and working with healing symbols with different mediums including water paints, chalk pastel, clay and body movement.


  • Exploring your Apollonian and Dionysian self through art.


  •  Exploring public and private self “The masks we wear”.


  • Exploring Eros and Thanatos influences on our lives.


  • Exploring life issues through The Circle of Life.


  • Exploring the shadow self using Labyrinth of Being.


  • Exploring our rebirth and what we can offer the world through use of clay.


  • Reconnecting with aspects of ourselves that we have lost in the world through mandalas.


  • Accessing your dreams through art process.


  • Exploring life transitions from birth, childhood and adulthood through art processes.


  • Exploring your life situation through divination.


  • Exploring your role as Rescuer, Victim, or Persecutor using the Karpman Triangle

  • Using mapping and imagery to access resources and find balance 

Paxart painting
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