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Nature Emersion

* Mindfulness practice in nature: hear, see, feel, smell, sensations and thoughts *Other mindfulness practices such as gratitude,   self-awareness, patients, compassion,  curiosity and acceptance * Tai Chi * Breath Work *Photography expeditions  *Walking in nature




  • ​Calming and at ease

  • Reduce anxiety and stress 

  • Increase focus

  • Physical health benefits 

  • Increase self awareness and esteem 

  • Improve relationships with others 


I wish to share my connection to nature with my clients.  This connection is a resource that they can tap into when ever they need it, they can call on the strength and energy received from nature even when away from her; during their busy lives, during times of stress and anxiety. The benefits of being able to connect to nature through mindfulness practice, Tai Chi and creative processes has a flow on benefit in our lives.  We are more calm, at ease, more able to deal with adversity and are able to relate to others better.  

Nature Emersion Art Therapy
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