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  • Caroline Ellis

Transpersonal Art Therapy Workshop "My Life as a Tree"

Today I ran one of two Transpersonal Art Therapy workshops for the Northern District Community Health. The theme was the "5 Ways of Wellbeing". One workshop was in Kerang and the other in Quambatook.

During this workshop participants first experimented and played with various art mediums and colours using mark making to create effects and convey emotions. 

Participants were then lead you through a Transpersonal Guided Visualisation Meditation to connect with their inner consciousness and journey to find "their tree".  Using the “Tree of Life Metaphor” as a representation of life they reflected and created; using art mediums, themselves as a tree.  The theme how the 5 ways of wellbeing are a part of life: past, present, and future; the future being represented by the branches of the tree, was thought about and prose added to the pictures.   This activity helped to connect deeply with ways to increase your mental health through the 5 ways of wellbeing.

The activity in Kerang was for children over 10 years to participate with their parent or guardian and solo adults encouraged to attend also. There was a nice mix of ages attend.

In Quambatook it was adults of various ages that attended.

With Transpersonal Art Therapy it is about the process not the product. A beautiful finished product is not the purpose. The participants got to take their creations home to reflect on later. I think they are more than beautiful art works they are beautiful snippets of their lives :)

The relaxing and calming effects of this activity are felt immediately and subconsciously as it continues to influence your everyday life into the future.  

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Lorraine Lambert
Lorraine Lambert
Apr 13

You are doing some wonderful work Caroline <3

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