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  • Caroline Ellis

Using "Hand over hand" gives meaning to clients life

The benefit to my client is that his life has more meaning; he is being engaged and stimulated during the session.   Afterwards he can reflect on the art we are creating and he can share this with his family and friends. He receives a sense of satisfaction which increases his wellbeing and self-esteem.  He is also expanding his knowledge as he learns about colour mixing and art techniques.   

Lack of movement can be a barrier.  We have overcome this by using hand over hand.  My client tires easily and spends a lot of his day sleeping.  To overcome this I use a lot of eye contact and continuous interaction in the way of talking him through the process for example: what part we are painting and  how we are mixing primary colours to make secondary.  I also play music at the same time and engaging him in that also.  I use topics that he is interested in as subject matter, this helps to engage him also. Example photos below: My client like the signer Pink, Spiderman, Queen, Frankenstein and they have a pet Macaw

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